About me

My name is Davin Chia. I’m an artist commonly known as a “writer”. The 26 alphabets and the accompanying punctuation are my brush strokes. The page is my canvas. I create art with words. That’s my passion, and writing for a living is a true privilege.

Writing children’s picture books is my favourite type of writing. It allows me to be a child again and let my imagination run wild. In which profession does a person get to do that and cut loose? In what job can one entertain and hopefully educate the young minds?

I am also a copywriter as it gives me a chance to write more. Copywriting is more than just writing. It is writing to catch people’s attention, to entertain, to evoke emotions. All this without taking away from the main purpose – to inform.

And most importantly, I am a Christian. The Christian Bible is the source of truth and guides what I do and believe in. That means that:

  • that Jesus was born of a virgin
  • died on a cross
  • was buried and raised from the dead three days later.